Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Longest Mile

Eventually I'd like to get into band poster designs as I'm always in awe of Kevin Tong's work (http://www.tragicsunshine.com/) and, well mainly it looks fun to do ;) I decided to produce a few faux posters as examples to send out and see if anyone was interested my work. This image being one I just finished for the band Circa Survive.

I'm pretty sure the house is a bit wonky, even my trusted 'rollar ruler' couldn't help my poor perspective skill set.

As I've mentioned this hasn't in any way been used by the band. Here's the image without the bands name in two hugely different variants:


  1. this is rad.
    I went to school with Kevin. He's talented!

  2. Talented class if you both were in there!

    Thanks for the nice comment :)