Thursday, 30 December 2010


Fireflies are just balls of light right?

something for fun

Edit* Decided to make a variant to help promote a friends music

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Longest Mile

Eventually I'd like to get into band poster designs as I'm always in awe of Kevin Tong's work ( and, well mainly it looks fun to do ;) I decided to produce a few faux posters as examples to send out and see if anyone was interested my work. This image being one I just finished for the band Circa Survive.

I'm pretty sure the house is a bit wonky, even my trusted 'rollar ruler' couldn't help my poor perspective skill set.

As I've mentioned this hasn't in any way been used by the band. Here's the image without the bands name in two hugely different variants:

Friday, 24 December 2010


Wanted to do a piece for the book Dune which I only read in the last year and It blew me away. This was going to be a book cover or poster idea which I've been working on.

If I'm just working for myself I'll do the worlds most unrecognisable thumbnail for the sketch:

Thursday, 23 December 2010

G2's Snow White

I was lucky enough to be able to illustrate the Guardians G2 and their Xmas pantomine edition. The theme this year was Snow White and the seven dwarves, with some modern elements dotted in and around the story! I only had 6 days from sketches to finals so it was a bit of an intense deadline, especially since I work at a snails pace most of the time.

For the cover they wanted a traditional Evil Queen using an Ipad! I decided to keep the cowl and crown design that she's most famous for and luckily they liked my original sketches so this one went ahead quite quickly.

These were the sketches I provided for the first image, a 3/4 spread. I always find it difficult to know how detailed to go on the sketches. on one hand if you havn't worked with someone before you don't want them to be dissapointed but as I only had a short time they had to do, tiny pig and all.

Images 2 and 3, including an alternative sketch I did for 3:

Image 4

So I think the project went quite well, I'd like to have had a bit more time tweaking and adding to the images but then I'd also like be able to fly so we can't have everything.

Art direction by Andrew Stocks and Jo Cochrane :)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I'm not dead

Havn't been blogging or updating in what seems forever. Been working on some nice projects so I'll post them soon. Going to be a lot more prolific with this blog and write a lot more about the work, how it's done and my opinions of the outcomes etc.

I'm also going to try and use my Twitter more, just so everyone can read my unimportant ramblings :)