Friday, 8 April 2011

Busy Bee

Here are a few images I did a while back but havn't been able to show til now.

This was for Mojo magazine with an article about the British band Elbow. The art director wanted to mimic the old TinTin cover where they travel to the moon which included the orange bubble spacesuits and red and white striped rocket. Also including the original sketch but the there wasn't enough of the suit on show.

These images were for the US magazine Popular Mechanics. The first was for an article about how Police can now catch criminials who advertise their crimes via social networks. The second were a series of illustrations based around a guide to achieving 'extreme' tasks. These two were 'riding a bull' and 'building a monster truck'.


  1. These are awesome!
    I love the composition of the sketch, but... I guess I don't mind the colored composition either. All of these are wonderful!

  2. Nice work! Elbow and Tintin really is a winning combination.