Saturday, 19 February 2011

Grass, Birds, Masks, Glasses

Couple of personal pieces here. Been doing some work for which I can't show til April so I'm working through some drawings I did a while back. Trying to evolve my style a little bit, Kept thinking that it was somehow a bit too sterlie and clean and I'm working on using more brush stroke style colouring techniques and trying to find a balance I like between this traditional brush stroke feel and the precise digital colouring I'm used to.

EDIT: Re-drew the mask for the girl lying in the grass, I don't usually go back to images once they are drawn but I kept thinking something wasn't right with this one. I think the tiger mask captures the feel I was originally trying to go for. Slightly more playful than my usual themes.

Colouring some more Inked pieces I have, ordering some postcards and hopefully re-designing to website next week.